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Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Water Slide Bounce House

Bounce houses provide hours of amusement for kids of all ages and can add excitement to any party, but before renting one there are some key factors you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, safety must always come first. Confirm that the weather is suitable, as well as inspect your surroundings to identify any potential threats or dangers.

How to Choose a Bounce House

Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Water Slide Bounce House

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when renting the ideal bounce house for your event, including how many children will attend and their age range, size and safety of inflatable structures and so forth.

Consider what your budget and spending limits are before renting inflatables; their costs depend on what features are included with them and their type.

As a rule of thumb, when hosting multiple children it’s generally wiser to select larger inflatables; however, you could also opt for smaller inflatables if your guest list is smaller than expected.

As many inflatables are designed with specific height and weight restrictions in mind, it’s essential that you know who will be using the slide prior to renting one. This will ensure it can accommodate everyone safely.

Typically, bigger inflatable slides will be better for older children and teenagers; however, smaller inflatable slides might be too small for younger ones.

If you have ample space and are planning a large party, renting out a massive inflatable water slide can add excitement and fun while keeping costs under control compared to renting smaller slides.

Select a bounce house with easy assembly and disassembly in mind, featuring sturdy construction for safety reasons and to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring.

Once you know these details, selecting the ideal bounce house for your event should become much simpler. With various shapes and sizes to choose from, there should be something that meets all of your requirements perfectly.

Popular styles of inflatables for parties include giant water slides, inflatable obstacle courses and even slip-n-slides and jousts! Inflatables like this provide your guests with hours of entertainment!

Safety Measures

When renting a bounce house for your children, certain measures must be implemented in order to keep them safe. These include not allowing kids under the influence of alcohol or drugs to use its slide, as well as making sure there is always someone present who can supervise children at all times.

As your first step, ensure that the company you rent from is registered and insured in your state – this may differ depending on where you reside; check their registration before making a reservation with them.

Second, check that the bounce house does not contain anything sharp that could pose a danger to children, including rocks, sticks and debris. In order to maximize safety it’s also best practice for shoes to be removed before entering and any glasses or jewelry taken out from pockets prior to allowing children inside.

Pets or other animals that could get inside the bounce house could pose serious threats, posing serious injuries to children and leading to accidents.

Once rented, bounce houses must be thoroughly cleaned before being used by children to help eliminate germs and bacteria that could potentially cause illness, infection or skin irritations.

Prior to its re-use in the rain, a bounce house should be deflated and moved outside so it can dry completely, decreasing mold and mildew risks.

Finally, it is essential that only small groups of children play simultaneously on an inflatable. This makes it easier to keep tabs on and monitor them, and reduces the chance of them causing any injuries.

As with other aspects of bounce houses, it is also crucial that any slides used at once on certain bounce houses should only be utilized once to prevent injuries from arising as riders may congregate at the top of each slide and cause it to collapse.


Cost to rent a bounce house depends on several factors, including type and size of inflatable, location and whether or not a wet or dry slide are desired. Prices also may differ between companies so always compare quotes prior to making reservations.

Renting a standard bounce house typically ranges between $125 and $285; most companies also include delivery and set-up fees in this estimate. If you opt for something larger or more elaborate, however, the costs will likely increase accordingly.

Rental companies usually rent bounce houses for 4- to 8-hour blocks of time; longer rentals may incur an additional fee. For fundraisers or children’s birthday parties, however, an extended rental may prove worthwhile so that guests can come back again and again throughout the day.

Bundling multiple inflatables from one company can also save money. For instance, The Bouncy Store offers a package that combines its Patriot Waterslide (which normally retails for $295) and snow-cone machine at an exceptional value for $325.

Un easy way to save money when renting inflatables is finding a rental company that will deliver and collect it for you. Most will charge extra if deliveries and pickups occur outside their service area; however, many offer bundle discounts if multiple items are rented simultaneously.

Be mindful that many companies charge additional cancellation fees when cancellations due to weather occur, so make sure you call in advance. In some instances, they may permit postponing of your event if conditions warrant.

In some instances, they may ask you for evidence that it won’t rain during your event and to pay an additional fee should any equipment become damaged by inclement weather conditions.

If renting a bounce house with water slide, be sure to provide both an appropriate water hose and power source for it. Consider renting a generator if long cords become an inconvenience but keep in mind this may increase overall rental cost.

Water slides are great additions to outdoor events, but beware they are more hazardous than dry slides – they may cause injuries and even fatalities, so be sure to purchase one with an enclosed safety net or other features to safeguard its use.

Delivery & Setup

Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Water Slide Bounce House

Renting a water slide bounce house can be an exciting and refreshing way to beat the heat on a scorching summer day. Available from double-lane water slides to splash pools, these inflatables can be rented either hourly or for an entire day – perfect for school festivals and team building corporate functions alike.

Water slides come in various sizes for rental, so you should easily be able to find something suitable for the size and scope of your event. Some can accommodate several children simultaneously; however, keep travel fees in mind when creating your budget.

One single-lane water slide may cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per day depending on its size and where you live, though its costs could increase as more people use it.

As well as accounting for the water slide itself, you must also take into account delivery and setup costs. Most companies charge approximately $50 for this service so make sure there is enough space at your event to accommodate it.

Before your rental company delivers the bounce house to your party site, it is imperative that the area where it will be set up be cleaned. This ensures that rocky surfaces or dirt won’t cause irreparable damage to its inflatable structure.

Remove all debris from the area, such as pet waste or rocks, in order to ensure that the inflatable can be stored away safely when not in use.

When renting a large water slide for an event, make sure that someone is assigned to monitor it throughout. This person should make sure everyone stays safe and no children are hurt during this event.

Be mindful of who will use the water slide. In general, most are designed for kids aged 3-15 but some models can even accommodate adults.

Most water slides are constructed with puncture-proof 420d Oxford material to withstand heavy usage and include protective nets to keep children safe while they play.

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